Dealing with ups and downs - the key for Bruno and Dal Zotto


Bruno also stated Brazil "need to improve even more" for the upcoming semifinal challenge

Curitiba, Brazil, July 6, 2017 - Although the semifinal ticket for Brazil became true with just one set on the bag, coach Renan Dal Zotto underlined the team meant to win the game anyway, because “Brazil always played like that”. And to do it, they had to recover from their low moments, agreed both coach and captain Bruno Rezende.  

Bruno Rezende, Brazil captain: “We had our blackouts today as it happened against Canada, but we were aware of the possibility and kept talking to each other to make it through. We knew we could recover during the game, reducing our errors and playing the ball safer until we could bounce back. And now I think our next rival, whoever it is, is going to be a bigger challenge, so we will need to improve even more. The most important thing will be to stay focused on doing what we have to do.”

Renan Dal Zotto, Brazil coach: “We knew in advance we needed one set to reach the semifinals, but we always meant to win anyway. Brazil always played like that and we had no reason for that to be different. We had a great start, knowing that Russia is not the team of yesterday against Canada - Their level is the one of today. We had our ups and downs, lost our focus and the game got complicated, but it was important the help of our reserve players as that helps the growth of the entire team.”  

Maxim Zhigalov, Russia player: “It was a great game for our young team despite the result. It was a great experience not only to play against Brazil on a leveled basis but also to do it at this enormous stadium. We are young guys that can learn a lot from this. Of course we are a bit sad, but it was one of our best games. It was a dream to play against Brazil and we did it with good emotions; we played a stronger game than against Canada. Maybe we can’t win against Brazil yet, but we will keep on working to do it.”


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