Korea's Jung leads home team victory against the Czech Republic


Jiseok Jong celebrates with his teammates

Seoul, Korea, June 2, 2017 - Jung Jiseok scored 19 points to lead Korea to a five-set 3-2 (25-17, 23-25, 24-26, 25-20, 15-12) victory against the Czech Republic on the first day of the 2017 FIVB Volleyball World League in Pool A2.

Jung had 19 points in Korea's victory, and Lee Kang-Won 17. The top scorers for the Czech Republic were Michal Finger (22 points) and Vladimir Sobotka (10).

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Korea easily won the first set 25-17. Yung-Suk Shin and Kang-Won Lee scored most points. Michal Finger showed amazing attack skills and attempted to overthrow the game. However, the flow of the game was already in favour of Korea.

In set two, the Czech Republic led the game at the beginning. Korea quickly regained focus and Yong-chan Bu made some great defensive moves.

In set three, the Czech Republic reached set point first with Marek Zmrhal's quick attack. Jiseok Jung's left attack failed and Czech Republic won the third set 24-26.

Set four was dominated by Korea. Kang-won Lee's powerful right attack slammed into the Czech's side of the court, enabling Korea to lead 7-3.
Lee's performance stood out and Korea continued on with the good flow, leading the game 15-9. The Czech Republic faltered as they missed a service, letting the match slip 23-16. Korea reached set point with a service mistake by the Czechs. Korea won the fourth set 25-19, making the game even.

The tiebreaker was a very close game with each team taking the lead consecutively. The set ended with the Czech's touch net error, and the game finished 15-11.

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