Chuan Jiang upsets the Netherlands with impressive performance


Ankara, Turkey, June 3, 2017 - Chuan Jiang was the strongest point of his team as China defeated The Netherlands 3-1 (29-27, 23-25, 25-22, 25-23). 
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The opposite scores 20 points for China (18 spikes and 2 blocks). On the Dutch side Thijs Ter Horst was just point behind Chuan Jiang, scoring 16 points in attack, 1 in block and 2 ace serves. 

First match of second day in Group C2 started with the mutual points of China an The Netherlands. China wet to first technical time-out leading by 8 to 6. Until the first technical time-out, especially Rao Shuan’s performance was decisive for China. After the technical time-out, The Netherlands gathered up with the spikes of captain Diefenbach and Ter Horst and pulled in 8 to 9. When they came second and third technical time outs The Netherlands was ahead. However, China did not give up and the match went to tiebreaker. At the end of the match China used an efficient service and they became a winner of the first set with a score of 29-27. 

The second set started with China's service. Although The Netherlands was superior to China in general of the set, the scores were very close to each other toward the end of the match. While the score was 23-24, with a block Ter Host finished the second set to his team 23-25.

When they came to third set, China compensated for the loss of second set. China was ahead of the whole technical time outs. At the end of the set China became a winner with a score of 25-22.

Even if, The Netherlanders did not stop the fighting, China was determined to win. They maintained their pressure like previous set and they took the fourth set 25-23. They won the match and they left from court with a score of 3-1.


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