Poles and Canadians already look forward to next tournaments and Final Six


Ryley Barnes spikes against Bartlomiej Lemanski's block

Varna, Bulgaria, June 11, 2017 - The Polish and the Canadian players are already looking forward to the next matches in the 2017 World League after the last one for them in Varna is finished, with a 3-1 victory for the world champions.

Bartlomiej Lemanski, player of Poland: “It could be better for sure, but we wanted to finish this tournament with positive vibes and this win is the best way. Every match is important for us and this is also an important victory.”

Maciej Muzaj, player of Poland: “Every win is important for us and for what we are doing for the future of this team, because if we had lost these three matches here in a row something would have gone wrong. But OK, we won today and we will go to Poland to see what we can do in front of the home crowd. The Final Six is a difficult goal, because we already have too many losses, but we will see what happens.”

Brendan Ryley Barnes, player of Canada: “It was a difficult match. Poland are a very strong team. Both matches on Friday and Saturday were tough and it is difficult for the players to take control of their bodies. We had some injuries. Some of the guys are tired. I did not manage to serve well today and from the other side Poland did a great job and we must congratulate them. Surely we can play better.”

Nicholas Hoag, player of Canada: “Tonight they played better than us. We made a few mistakes, but we are a really young team and we should use these matches to develop. Despite the fact we lost we took a great experience for the future. We took some points and we want to qualify for the Final Six in the World League. It will be tough. I expect a tough tournament next week, but we have some time to rest and to prepare for the next challenges.”


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