Coach Dal Zotto says Brazil evolved from the first stage


Coach Renan Dal Zotto credited not only his side but also the resilient squad of Canada

Curitiba, Brazil, July 4, 2017 - After pulling out a 3-1 win over Canada, Brazil coach Renan Dal Zotto praised the many qualities shown by his side against a team which always brought trouble to them in the last games. 

Renan Dal Zotto, Brazil coach: “It was a tense game, Canada always put us under pressure and recent games are a proof of that. They have shown why they earned their place at this Final Round. We faced a big disadvantage on the first moments of the match and we struggled on passing. Our serving made considerable differences, but also we did very well in counterattack. That was one of the deficiencies we had on the first round and today we could perform better than a very strong team on that area.”

Bruno Rezende, Brazil captain: “We did something very good today - to improve along a very difficult game. We never lost our temper, not even when we were trailing six points on the first set. We lowered our error rate and found some good blocks to change the course of the game.”

John Gordon Perrin, Canada captain: “We had some good moments during the game, but we also suffered a lot as their block made things very difficult to us. We faced the best team in the world and we were very excited not only about this opportunity but also for doing it on such amazing venue.”

Stéphane Antiga, Canada coach: “First of all, congratulations to Brazil for this victory. They played a great game on blocking and also with their serves. It was a good experience for us because we had our chances, but they were better in the end.”


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