Bruno Rezende: “We were focused, mature and clear-minded”


Unlike against Russia, this time Bruno Rezende pointed out Brazil had a short amount of mistakes

Curitiba, Brazil, July 7, 2017 - Brazil captain Bruno Rezende expressed his team showed many positive aspects during the 3-1 win over USA at 2017 FIVB Volleyball World League semifinals stage in Curitiba. 

Bruno Rezende, Brazil captain: “We’re very happy with the performance; the team was focused, mature and clear-minded all along the game. That was the key point for the win - we were much more regular, with much less errors and that helped us to be at a great volleyball level. USA is a very complicated team to play against and if you let them grow, they put you into trouble. We were very good on side-out and counterattack; it’s something to be proud about. We’re building a new group and this is a reward for all our hard work.”

Renan Dal Zotto, Brazil coach: “This was a conquest for us, as we had little time to prepare the game because we found out about our rival late last night. Until the end of the tie-break we didn’t know who we had to face. And the team showed a lot of commitment on that situation; the guys are growing and we reach this final match at a good moment.”

Kawika Shoji, USA captain: “First of all, congratulations to Brazil. Right now, they’re just a better team than us. They’re the Olympic champions and they have more or less the same team. I’m a little bit disappointed with the way we started the match - we didn’t adapt to the environment quickly enough, but we’re going to learn from this experience and get ready for the bronze medal match tomorrow.”

John Speraw, USA coach: “As Kawika (Shoji) said, they’re a better team. We didn’t play our best volleyball match, but Brazil did some really great things today. They put quite a lot of pressure on us. When you play against a great team like this, especially for guys doing it for the first time, it’s a big challenge. We didn’t play with the same kind of emotions and energy consistently enough during the match, something that had typified our run through this World League so far. Hopefully tomorrow we can play a better volleyball, to play hard and the objective is the exact same than today - to win.”


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