Belgium and Canada in quest for crucial win on road to Final 6


Lausanne, Switzerland, June 14, 2017 - Belgium host Canada Friday in Antwerp for the sixth clash between the two sides in FIVB World League history. Both teams are 3-3 this season and Friday's winners will be very muchh on track on making this season's Final Six in Curitiba.

• Belgium and Canada have met five times in the World League and have exchanged victories with defeats against each other. After Canada won the first, Belgium won the second, etc.
• The last match was won by Canada in the first weekend of the 2017 World League.
• Belgium's two victories over Canada in the World League were both by 3-1, while Canada won twice in five sets and once in straight sets.

• Belgium lost their last match against Serbia in the World League, in straight sets.
• Belgium have yet to lose two consecutive World League matches in straight sets.
• They have won three matches in the 2017 World League, the same amount of matches as last year in the World League.
• Bram Van Den Dries is two points shy of becoming the first Belgian player to reach the 100 points in Group 1 this season.

• Canada are perfectly balanced after six matches; three wins and three losses.
• Canada suffered all three defeats by a 3-1 scoreline.
• Canada have scored most points in Group 1 (585) but also conceded most (603).
• Cameron Bann Blair is the best digger in Group 1 with an average of 2.45 per set. His total 54 digs are also most in the Group.


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