Antiga: We could have won 3-0


Antwerp, Belgium, 16 Jun, 2017 - Canada’s coach admitted his team missed an opportunity to win in straight sets after a tiebreak win over Belgium.

Stéphane Antiga, head coach, Canada: "This was a hard game and I'm happy with the win. We could have won 3-0 but we didn't. In the third and fourth set we made too many mistakes and Belgium started playing better. We played some good defence today. It's an important win with the focus on reaching the Final Six."


Nicholas Hoag, Canada:
"It was a tough game for us today. We had the chance to finish this off in three sets but we didn't. Belgium gave us a lot of pressure with their float serves and that's something we felt in the third and fourth set. Overall we played really well in block and defence, we worked really hard on it and it paid off."

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Vital Heynen, head coach, Belgium:
“We started too late. The second set was really bad. Starting from the third set, we began to fight. Don’t forget, we are a team that is still building up for the next games. The next match against Italy will be very important.”

Gert Van Walle, Belgium:
“We found the spirit and the joy starting from the third set on. First we wanted to play power volleyball against Canada. But they were strong in block-defense. The first two sets we didn’t play our best volleyball. We were not good enough. It’s a pity because this was a key game. Now we gave ourselves more pressure for tomorrow’s game.”

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