USA getting better and better


Coach John Speraw and top scorer Benjamin Patch congratulate each other on a great victory

Pau, France, June 10, 2017 – Coach John Speraw and a couple of his players expressed their satisfaction with USA’s second victory in the 2017 World League, 3-0 over Russia, and are already looking forward to Sunday’s big clash with unbeaten France.

John Speraw, coach of USA: “We are getting better and better. I am very proud of the work done by young players who wear the US jersey for the first time, like Benjamin Patch who keeps putting pressure on his opponents. Taylor Sander did a very good job as well. He was very steady. Middle blockers also made a perfect game against guys who are much bigger than them.”

Benjamin Patch, player of USA: “We knew it was going to be tough. Russia is a big team, well disciplined and well trained in many areas. So it is a good win, it is a real collective victory. We have pleasure playing together. I am looking forward to playing against France tomorrow.”

Taylor Sander, player of USA: “France are a very good team. I think it will be a though match. The crowd will be good. We are playing better than last week, so it should be a good match. It is always fun to play France. They have been a good team for a couple of years now. We don’t know the opposite Stephen Boyer. He is pretty new. We will study him and get ready for him, but they have good players everywhere. We have to prepare for everybody.”


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