Marouf credits victory to young player and Iranian fans


At the post-match press conference

Tehran, Iran, June 11, 2017 – Both captain Mir Saeid Marouflakrani and coach Igor Kolakovic praised the performance of young Iranian player Mohammadjavad Manavinezhad and credited him, as well as the fantastic crowd of home supporters in Tehran for the 3-2 World Victory over Argentina on Sunday.

Saeid Marouf, captain of Iran: “Thank God we won our last home match. We had played Argentina before and the same happened. We won by 3-2. The first set was very important for both teams. It helped us get better with our game. I think, if we had not had Javad Manavinezhad, the match would have evolved differently. Fortunately, he did his job very well and the other players used most out of their potential at the sensitive points of the game. Congratulations to the Iranian fans for this win because in the tie-breaker the difference between Argentina and Iran came from the spectators who inspired us to win. Anyway, a victory is always sweet. I hope, we can also do a good job in Poland to finish the tournament in a good position.”

Igor Kolakovic, coach of Iran: “First of all, congratulations to the home crowd who supported us to the end. There was a difficult situation. This match was very important for us. We played a tough match. Argentina played good volleyball technically and tactically. They found solutions for our middle blockers and reception. We won with the spirit of a team. We saw how a young Javad Manavinezhad changed everything in the game and our position. He is now injured, but I hope he will soon recover for next week’s matches in Poland. And it is also so interesting for me to see how my players fight for the national team, for their families and countrymen, and for this nice country. It is so impressive, because they put all their effort on the court.”

Demian Gonzalez, captain of Argentina: “It was a very good match. In some moments people watched very good volleyball. It was a pity losing the first sets because we had the opportunity to win them. But after that, again, the team played well. We reached the tie-break, but there Iran played a little better than Argentina. It was because Iran have a good setter. He played a good match. It was sad to lose this match, but it is the way to continue to improve.”

Julio Velasco, coach of Argentina: “First of all, congratulations to Iran for this victory! For my players, it was very difficult to play at this hall with this audience. They played a very good match. I am very satisfied with my players. We need to play better in the tie-breakers. We made some mistakes and Iran played good volleyball. That is why Iran could win. However, during the match we fought for each ball. We played with good tactics and techniques. For us, it was a nice experience, particularly for me. Playing here is always very nice. I am happy because we were able to play a good match. I think people enjoyed it. They suffered, but they enjoyed it.”


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