Villena credits team effort for Final Four ticket


The victory as a team effort

Linz, Austria, June 11, 2017 – The main contributor to Spain’s 3-0 World League victory over Austria in the crucial match for a ticket to the Group 3 Final Four in Mexico Andres Villena showed his modesty and credited the whole team for doing their best.

Andres Villena, player of Spain: "What a great match! We knew it would be a tough challenge playing against Austria in Austria. The whole team had to do a perfect job. Today everyone did his best, not just I.”

Fernando Munyoz, coach of Spain: "Today was the important game and my team showed the best performance of the weekend. We reached the Final Four and I am very happy with that result."

Paul Buchegger, player of Austria: "No one would have thought that on the last day we would be battling for a Final Four ticket. Of course, now we are very disappointed, but we can be proud of our performance this weekend. The Spaniards made few service errors and worked up a head of steam for us."

Michael Warm, coach of Austria: "We wanted to win at any price. If anybody had said two weeks ago that we would be fighting for the Final Four on the last day, we would have been very satisfied at that moment. Now, we are disappointed, of course, but that is sports. We were a little bit nervous from the very beginning. So, we had to take more risks. But more risks mean more errors as well. Our next big goal is the qualification for the 2019 European Championship. Now we know about our chances. We made a big step up the ladder this season. After this season, we must expect a lot from the players next year. This team is a very young one. The Germans are talking about their young generation, and our team is just as young. So, we are looking forward to a very good future!”


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