Victories important to Mexico ahead of hosting finals


Barcelona, Spain, June 3, 2017 - Mexico claimed their first victory in the 2017 World League after defeating Greece by 3-1 in a disputed clash. Headed by Daniel Vargas, the Mexican side dominated the clash and got a deserving triumph in Barcelona.

Jorge Miguel Azair, coach of Mexico: “It is very important for us to get victories like this, both here in Barcelona and in Austria next week. We are hosting the Final Four in Mexico and these matches are a good preparation for that important moment.”

Daniel Vargas, player of Mexico: “We worked hard analysing our rivals and this helped us face them today. After the third set that Greece managed to win, we went back to our pressure with the serve and to being more effective with our spikes. We are very thrilled with hosting the Group 3 World League Final Four for the first time. We hope to reach the event at our best level and make a good performance at home.”

Arseniadis Konstantinos, coach of Greece: “We started making too many errors. After the second set we played better, more evenly and we tried to take the match. We made some substitutions and this allowed us to come back, but we could not win in the end.”
Andreas Andreadis, player of Greece:  “We hope we will be able to play better tomorrow. It was difficult for us to find our level and I am sure that my team will play better volleyball in the next matches.”


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