Sergio Noda thanks fans after Saturday victory


Sergio Noda at the serve

Barcelona, Spain, 3 Jun, 2017 - Spain defeated Qatar 3-1 in a thrilling match which was determined by the efficiency of Spaniards and the support that the local team received from the stands.

Spain head coach Fernando Muñoz: "It was a better match for us than yesterday. In the first and second sets, it was hard for us to get into the game and put into practise all that we had planned to stop Qatar. Step by step we managed to find our pace and at the end we reached our usual level of performance, with more intensity than yesterday. The sports hall was beautiful today. I hope that tomorrow our fans can help us again because it is impossible to play all the matches at 100% and it is in those moments when they have to help us as they have done today. 

Spain player Sergio Noda: "We knew it would be a difficult match. With the exception of some low moments, I think we played a good game. At the end we won, we got the three points at home and this is what matters. It has been a long time since I did not see a sports hall like this in Spain, supporting us all the way through and even making “the wave”. This is how we like to play and I think that we gave them back all their support with our victory."

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Qatar head coach Massimiliano Giaccardi: "We knew from the beggining that it would be a tough game because Spain is Spain, they have a good roster of players and they play well in a number of situations. I think we had prepared the game well from a tactical stand point and we followed the line for about three sets. We did our best, we finished with energy but I think we felt down a little bit at some points. I am not upset about the result, I am upset because in many situations we could have played better."

Qatar player Renan Ribeiro: "Spain played better today and they showed that they have a better team. We knew that we would have to play extraordinary to beat them. I think we gave them hard times, and they had to be consistent throughout the game, and that was our goal, we wanted to give them resistance. The match was a little bit of a roller-coaster but Spain kept their level. We could have been a little better but I think that our goal here was to show our level, to show the Volleyball that we are developing in Qatar and I think we have done that."


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