Muñoz and Fernandez praise home crowd in Barcelona


Barcelona, Spain, 2 June, 2017 - Spain got a dream start of weekend of World League as the hosts of Pool A3 Group 3 achieved a convincing three-setter victory over Mexico. The support from the packed stands was essential in Spaniards’ triumphant debut.

Spain captain Jorge Fernandez: "We are very glad for the result, but not so much for our level of performance. We started playing at good level but I don’t know if it was because we were nervous or what, but we never managed to take the lead.
The important thing is that we won the match, and I hope that we can repeat this tomorrow. It’s amazing to play in a sports hall like this. It is the first time in four years that we play World League at home and the ambience was great. I hope that fans come again tomorrow and that we can continue giving our fans more reasons to celebrate.

Spain head coach
Fernando Muñoz: "We knew that the first match of a competition like this is always strange, and we had prepared for that. We did what we had planned in the first set, but in some moments of the match we played with too many ups and downs, and this gave them the edged they needed. Today the sports hall was absolutely full, and this is great. We hope it will be like this tomorrow and that they will support us even more.

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Mexico player
Pedro Range: "I think it was a good starting match for us. It was a disputed clash against a team of good level such as Spain, and it helps us to keep improving and to pick up the pace in the competition."

Mexico head coach Jorge Miguel Azair: "We presented a good balance today and the team worked fine. It is our first match of the year and we still have to find our pace. We had good actions but we could not manage to close the important points, especially in counter-attack."


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