Montenegro, Chinese Taipei, Tunisia and Estonia prepare for action in World League Pool B3


Bijelo Polje, Montenegro, June 1, 2017 - A press conference was held on Thursday concerning the start of the World League Group 3 tournament in Bijelo Polje, Montenegro starting on Friday, June 2.

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Montenegro coach Veljko Basic said: "This is a very important competition to us, after the qualification tournament for the 2018 World Championship which took place in Estonia, and which did not end so well. And I myself am not satisfied. We didn't achieve a good result, but there are various reasons why it happened like that. First of all we have a lot of injured players, but what we presented in that tournament in Estonia gives me the right to be optimistic."
Basic added:  "In the first match we will play against Tunisia who I know very well, because a few years ago I was their head coach. They are a very good team, most of the players play in Europe and I expect a tough and very good match. Once more I am saying I will stay positive because what we showed in Estonia, especially in the first two matches gives me the right to expect the best."

Estonia and Chinese Taipei coaches and players attended the press conference

Estonia coach Gheorghe Cretu said:  "We are very happy to be here in Montenegro. We are new in this competition, we have opponents that are already experienced in playing World League competition. We expect tough games and good volleyball, but we are ready to give our best."

Estonia captain Kert Toobal said: "For us, this is a historical moment after winning the European league, so we've been preparing for this for two years and during that time we have worked a lot on improving our game. I expect a good game and even better results."
Chinese Taipei coach Yu Ching Fang was cheerful and optimistic. "It is nice to be here in Montenegro and to play the tournament here. We have prepared for this competiton for a long time, so I expect to show a good game and go from here with the best possible result."
Chinese Taipei Chien Chen Chen captain said: "As the head coach mentioned we prepared for this tournament for a long period. We trained hard and this is the second time we participate in the World League after last year and we hope to achieve an even better result this year."
Tunisia coach Antonio Giacobbe said: "For us, this is the first competition of the year. We began to prepare twenty days ago. We know to expect difficult opponents, such as our first opponent Montenegro, who have a very good team. Also, this will serve as a test to see what our capabilities are and how much we can do in this competition."
Tunisian captain Mahdi Ben Cheikh said: "We're here to play the best we can and to achieve good results. We have had the opportunity to play with the team of Montenegro, so we are ready for them. Then we will look forward to the tournament in Tunisia, where we will be fighting for a place in the final round."


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