Fromm: We cannot afford showing weaknesses


Christian Fromm and teammates showing strength

Linz, Austria, June 11, 2017 – While Germany’s Christian Fromm has stated his hopes for winning Group 3 of the 2017 FIVB Volleyball World League after shutting out Mexico in Linz, his coach Andrea Giani downplayed the results and said that the focus is on the quality of the game.

Christian Fromm, captain of Germany: "The ticket to Mexico is now officially booked. Maybe we can win the tournament. In every game we gain more and more experience. We cannot afford showing weaknesses. We have to start fully focussed in every game and avoid mistakes."

Andrea Giani, coach of Germany: "We develop step by step. We worked hard for this tournament series and played well, but at the moment the results do not matter to me. I am focussed on the quality of our game."

Nestor Orellana, player of Mexico: "Today we did not have the energy to really compete against a world-class team such as Germany. We will fight back at our home tournament next week. I am sure that in front of our home crowd we can beat Germany!"

Jorge Miguel Azair, coach of Mexico: "It was not our best performance today. We played two good games against Spain and Austria. It was a good tournament. We are looking forward to playing in Leon. This will be a big advantage for us. It is important for the development of our team to compete against the best teams in the world. We have a different playing style so it is always difficult for European teams to play against Mexico."


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