Djukic shines as Qatar defeat Greece in straight sets


Qatar were too strong for Greece

Barcelona, Spain, June 2, 2017 - Qatar’s Bojan Dukic took the spotlight in the opening match of FIVB World League in Barcelona, as his 14 points helped Qatar to ovetake Greece 3:0 (25-20, 25-23, 25-21).

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Qatar paved the way to lead the first set through their remarkable blocking system. The tall men of the Asian country put Massimilano Giaccardi’s side ahead 16-14, while Greece trailed behind. As the set advanced, Greek players grew more and more anxious since they were unable to make up the difference in the scoreboard. An error in Greek reception put the 25-20 in the first set for Qatar. 

While Greek men tried to put an end to Qatar’s efficiency in serve and block, the Asian side soon recovered the lead of the game in the second set 16-14. Massimilano Giaccardi’s men maintained their poise throughout the period, so Qatar managed to keep a 2-3 point lead until the end of the set. A powerful spike by Papemaguette Diagne at the centre of the net represented the 25-23 and the 2-0 for Qatar. 

Even though the third set started with Greece trying to impose their playing system on the court, Qatar were too strong over the net for hopeful Greeks. Nonetheless, the differences were kept at a minimum throughout the period, and the scoreboard showed a tie at the end of the set 20-20. Despite Greeks’ intentions to extend the match, Qatar showed an impressive level of efficiency. Four points in a row were all that Massimilano Giaccardi’s men needed to close the set. An outstanding spike by captain Renan Ribeiro wrapped up the period 25-21 and the match 3:0, so to give Qatar their first victory in 2017 edition of FIVB World League.


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