Coach Sarti satisfied despite ups and downs in Venezuela’s performance


Ronald Sarti, coach of Venezuela

Frankfurt, Germany, June 3, 2017 – Venezuela arrived late in Frankfurt, but managed to gain an important victory against Kazakhstan, despite ups and downs in their performance.

Ronald Sarti, coach of Venezuela: “It was an important game for us, because we missed the first one. I am satisfied with our performance. We did well in reception and tactical, but we still had some ups and downs.”

Fernando Gonzalez, captain of Venezuela: “The difference was that we could handle the side-out of Kazakhstan.”

Igor Nikolchenko, coach of Kazakhstan: “Small things made the difference today. It does not matter if I am talking about serving, reception or attack. However, they won the game, because they were the better team. I hope that we can improve for the last match against Austria. But I know that the match tomorrow will be as hard as it was against Germany.”


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