Coach Muñoz: “We were very convinced we could win”


Coach Muñoz highlighted the fine preparation of his side ahead of the match against Germany

Leon, Mexico, June 17, 2017 - Spain coach Fernando Muñoz and captain Jorge Fernández pointed out that it was all about confidence and focus at the solid 3-0 win over Germany that granted them a place in World League Group 3 final match.

Fernando Muñoz, Spain coach: “A vital part of this win was the way we prepared the match. We were extremely ready for this semifinal; it was a process of several days thinking of it. We were very convinced we could win, and on a technical side we served very well. We could control them and now we have to wait for our rival, of course, but it will be very important to stay this strong mentally. It’s a gold medal match and the only goal is to win.”

Jorge Fernández, Spain captain: “We have played a very focused game, maybe we took a while to definitely start playing on the first set, but when we did it our best game showed up. After the first set, our confidence went through the roof and they had trouble following our pace. We had lost against them recently, but we didn’t play well that one time - We knew that if we played on a good level, we had our chances.”

Andrea Giani, Germany coach: “This was a semifinal and the difference was on the emotional area. Sure, we weren’t comfortable throughout the game, but it’s important to keep playing. After the first set we played so bad, with a bad attitude, and when you play an important game like this one, attitude is vital. Spain were under on the first set, but they stayed there, always fighting. They played very well and now they’re on the final.”

Christian Fromm, Germany captain: “We started the game not that bad, actually we had our chances during the first set, but in the end we gave it away and in the second one we weren’t on the court. We made so many easy mistakes we just gave Spain presents as it were Christmas. I’m really disappointed, we fought on the third set but it wasn’t enough and this means we have to keep on working.”


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