Blocking system carved the way for Estonia, says Täht and coach Cretu


Estonia gave Mexico more than one headache with firm blocks at the second semifinal in Leon

Leon, Mexico, June 17, 2017 - Reconfirming what the stats showed - an 8-2 margin in stuff blocks, Estonia top scorer Robert Täht and coach Gheorghe Cretu stressed their blocking output was one of the keys to the three-nil win over Mexico in Leon. 

Robert Täht, Estonia player: “We knew in advance that Mexico as the home team was going to have this support, so we were very focused to isolate from that. We also did very well on our blocking-defence game. Now with Spain, we know each other pretty well, and although we have defeated them before, tomorrow it will be completely different. They’re playing some really good volleyball - They beat Germany, that’s all there is to say. We have to play point by point, one by one as it’s going to be a tough final.”

Gheorghe Cretu, Estonia coach: “Today we showed the characteristics of our game, based on a solid blocking-defence system against a team like Mexico that plays fast. And of course, when the reception is working, our entire attacking force is enhanced; we could use all of our attackers. Tomorrow we will face a team with similar qualities, as Spain play fast volleyball, keeping the ball alive and working each point. They have good defenders and for sure is going to be a very interesting game.”

Pedro Rangel, Mexico captain: “I think we suffered a lot against their blockers, we couldn’t handle that and it was very difficult for us to score. They used that advantage and it clearly affected the game, but on the first and third set we were better and that has to be our starting point for tomorrow against Germany. And it’s always a pleasure to play at home in front of this amazing crowd, always supportive no matter the score or the final outcome of the game.”

Jorge Azair, Mexico coach: “We could never find our game, we couldn’t serve well all along and from the first set it was uphill for us. We have to leave this behind and think about tomorrow’s game, which is going to be different and we need to play relaxed and with more confidence. We know these three teams are strong, they have a higher level than us and we need to play fast to match the high blockers they have. Today we couldn’t and it simply killed us.”


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