“We could show we are better”, underlines Germany’s Fromm


The final celebration shot for Germany as they finished third at 2017 FIVB World League Group 3

Leon, Mexico, June 18, 2017 - Even after the 3-0 win over Mexico, Germany were still thinking on the game lost against Spain the day before, and that’s why the victory gave them a bit of relief and rebuilt their confidence.

Christian Fromm, Germany captain: “We came here to win the tournament, but in the end we are happy to have gathered at least one victory because we could show we are better than yesterday. Now begins a period of hard work for the future - Today we could use a lot of our players, it was important for them as they need to practice on matches and nothing better than to go home with a victory.”

Andrea Giani, Germany coach: “It was difficult to play today for us, as yesterday’s game was a very important one and we had lost. It’s good for our team to have won today but the key game was the other one. And on top of that, we had to play against the hosts, in this very beautiful scenario with a great crowd. It was exciting. We had to be focused and play with will to defeat them.”

Pedro Rangel, Mexico captain: “We are a bit satisfied with the way we played, but I also think we found our game too late. We started playing on the third set and we should have done that much earlier. However, this is the right track for us, as we know now there’s no block too tall for us; we can fight to reach them. It’s a starting point to achieve the World Championship qualification for Mexico.”

Jorge Azair, Mexico coach: “To be able to face these teams it’s always positive for us. This World League was a great help for Mexico as it helps us grow. We know we need to be better on closing the sets and again we suffered against their blockers, but the guys today were more relaxed and could show what they can do. Now this is it for us and we have to start thinking on our next goal - to get our place in the next World Championship.”


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