Vital Heynen: In a big fight there is fighting


Vital Heynen and Sam Deroo at the post-match press conference

Tehran, Iran, June 10, 2017 – Belgium’s coach Vital Heynen, in his usual style, spoke to the media after his team snatched a hard-fought 3-2 World League victory over Argentina in Tehran.

Vital Heynen, coach of Belgium: “I think Argentina played a great game. It was really a big fight and in a big fight there are also some moments when coaches and players are fighting. I think it is part of sports. I have an amazing respect for Argentina and more respect for Mr. Julio Velasco. I think he is doing a great job. He is a great coach. But of course, on the other side, I want to win. I apologise if I was too hard or too pushy, but the people who know me know that before and after the game I love everybody, but during the game - not so much. About the game, of course, I am very happy that we won the tie-break, but our problem was that Iran made us tired. I am now very curious if the same happens between Iran and Serbia tonight. The players of Iran have to be tired as well. My players are really tired and told me all the time ‘we can’t anymore’, but they played five sets.”

Sam Deroo, captain of Belgium: “It was a very intense game. I think we tried everything we could. We played a lot of different rotations and at the end we won the match. Obviously, physically it is pretty heavy to play ten sets in two days. And now it is very important to recover for tomorrow’s match.”


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