Egor Kliuka: Experienced or young, we all have massive desire to win


Kazan, Russia, June 2, 2017 - Russia's Egor Kliuka explains that age of his teammates doesn't matter when it comes to having desire to win. This mutual feeling helped Russia to defeat Argentina in straight sets. 

Russia coach,  Sergey Shliapnikov - "It was a very important opening match for the Russian team. We had a difficult opponent, they are strong in many aspects. We managed to gather such team which can win over Argentina and Russia successfully reached the goal tonight."

Russia captain, Egor Kliuka - "We were focused well during the match. It says much about the team’s spirit. It doesn’t really matter if the players are well experienced or still young, we all have a great desire to win."

Argentina coach, Julio Velasco - "It was a difficult game for us, especially because some players are injured. But it was important for young players to be on the court tonight, they have to learn a lot. In spite of the young players in Russian team, they are still very strong in attack, service and blocking.”

Argentina wing spiker, Gonzalo Quiroga - "First of all I would like to congratulate Russia with the victory. Their attack and serve were great, they put a lot of pressure. We have to improve our reception and get better in other aspects."

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