Coaches and players look ahead to World League Pool C2 in Ankara


Ankara, Turkey, June 1, 2017 - A press conference was held at Ankara Green Park Hotel Taksim Salon before 2017 FIVB World League Group 2 Pool C2 is played at TVF Başkent Volleyball Hall from June 2 to 4.

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Turkey men's head coach Josko Milenkoski said: "I welcome all teams and staff to my country. I am coaching a national team which qualified for the final four in the group last year. This year, we will do all we can to repeat this. This year, it will be a little more difficult to regain success because in the 21 players who are in our wide squad, eight are struggling with injuries. Our main goal is the 2017 European Championship Finals. I believe that we will solve our injury problems and become a better team. The World League is an important chance for players who want to be in the squad. I hope my players will appreciate this opportunity."
Turkey's captain Arslan Ekşi said: "We are aware that it will be a very challenging tournament. The Netherlands and China have much stronger squads than in last year's tournament. I would like to congratulate the Netherlands for having the right to participate in the World Volleyball Championship Finals. Yes, we have a lot of injured players but it will be a national team fighting on the field. As a team, we promised each other. Our aim is to win three out of three. I invite our fans to fill the hall."

China coach Raul Lozano said: "We would like to thank Turkey for being a wonderful host. We are very happy to be in Ankara. The World League is one of the world's elite tournaments. China has been working with a foreign coach for the first time in many years and I am proud to play that role. The goal is to participate in the finals. We have the power to achieve this. I wish success to all teams."
"We are very happy to be here," said China captain Weijun Zhong. "After a lengthy and intensive training period, I believe the team is ready to play in the World League. "
"We are happy to be here again," said Netherlands coach Gido Vermeulen. “Last year we played tough matches in Turkey. Turkey has always been a wonderful host, repeating that in the organisation here. World League is a long marathon and our goal is to be at the Finals"
Netherlands captain Jasper Diefenbach said: "To play so many matches in a short time is very good and important in terms of personal and team development. It's a good opportunity to develop for the future. I believe that there will be many good matches and I wish success to all the teams here."
Egypt head coach Ibrahim Fakhr El Din Mohamed said: "We thank the Turkish Volleyball Federation for hosting the tournament. I think we are a good team. We are ready for the competition. We wish good luck to all teams."
"The World League is a tough tournament," said Egypt player Mamdouh Abdel Rehim. “Last year we played with China and Turkey. Our team is younger than last year and we have many new players. Our ambition is to play in the Finals."


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