WATCH: Best defensive displays from World League


Gokhan Gokgoz shows off his footwork

 Lausanne, Switzerland, June 10, 2017 – In some sports, defence is often the best form of attack and in volleyball that can certainly be the case.

For volleyball players, it could mean putting your body on the line as a ball goes out of the court or it could just be a lightning quick reaction, super dive or a flick of the foot.

The FIVB World League has seen some tremendous action on the court and while the attacking players often steal the limelight when the reports are written and the stats compiled, those little gems of defensive brilliance have all contributed to both the excitement and the results as can be seen in the examples below from the World League's first round of matches.


Qatar’s Marko Stevanovic makes a dive that’s so spectacular against Mexico, it seems even the Mexicans are stunned.

Hideomi Fukatsu of Japan gets an assist with a superb diving reverse pass against Portugal.

Three Germany players combine to keep the ball in play against Venezuela, but sadly it’s all in vain.

Fran Ruiz of Spain demolishes the advertising hordings with a smashing rescue that helps earn a point against Greece.

Japan’s Hiroaki Asano disappears from sight as he recovers a ball against Australia.

In the first rally on this reel, Serbia’s players show their lightning quick reactions to foil a Brazilian attack.

And finally, when all else fails, use your foot. Canada’s Graham Vigrass calmly keeps a rally alive with a neat bit of footwork.


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