Julio Velasco summons 30 players for training

Buenos Aires, Argentina, April 7, 2017 – Argentina coach Julio Velasco summoned 30 players from the men’s senior, U23 and junior teams to the Cenard facilities on April 3 to start preparing for the busy 2017 volleyball season.

Key player Facundo Conte will not see action this season. In agreement with coach Velasco, he will take a year’s break to be ready for bigger challenges in 2018 and 2020.

Velasco had a difficult decision to make but considered the importance of giving Conte some rest this year to put him in the best conditions for the 2018 FIVB Volleyball Men’s World Championship and the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Velasco also offered his veteran players, including captain Luciano De Cecco, a year off this season after playing for 10 consecutive international seasons, but the superstar setter chose to be part of the team.

Argentina will open their season with the FIVB Volleyball World League, playing against Russia, Bulgaria and France in Pool C in Surgut, Russia.

Argentina men’s national team roster (2017)

1. Luciano De Cecco
2. Demian Gonzalez
3. Maximiliano Cavanna
4. Juan Riganti
5. Gaspar Bittar
6. Matias Sanchez

1. Jose Luis Gonzalez
2. Bruno Lima
3. German Johansen

Middle Blockers
1. Sebastian Sole
2. Martin Ramos
3. Pablo Crer
4. Fabian Flores
5. Facundo Imhoff
6. Joaquin Gallego
7. Agustin Loser

Outside Spikers
1. Cristina Poglajen
2. Nicolas Bruno
3. Alejandro Toro
4. Lisandro Zanotti
5. Gonzalo Quiroga
6. Brian Melgarejo
7. Nicolas Lazo
8. Jan Martinez
9. Nicolas Mendez
10. Bruno Vinti

1. Alexis Gonzalez
2. Ignacio Fernandez
3. Sebastian Closter
4. Santiago Danani

Coaching Staff

Senior Team
Head coach: Julio Velasco
Second coach: Julian Alvares
Assistant coach: Hernan Ferraro
Trainer: Sebastian Carotti
Statisticians: Gonzalo Barreiro, Jose Saucedo
Therapist: Nicolas Zarate, Mariano Alsogaray
Doctors: Fernando Locaso, Aldo Bustos, Gustavo Ricciardi
Manager: Osvaldo Celia
Helper: Oscar Cantero

U23 Team
Head coach: Camilo Soto
Second coach: Gonzalo Barreiro
Trainer: Alejandro Bertorello


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